Auto Parts Fiberglass Applications and Products

Simpson Design

Simpson Design uses Sunbacker for most of their custom car conversions. Simpson produces a plug or the first body design. From this model, Sunbacker creates a mold, and from this mold, parts are manufactured.

These parts can be structurally changed as per the client’s wishes while maintaining the outside look. Jim Simpson and his crew are great to work with, and I highly recommend them. Please check them out.



Sunbacker has had the honor to work with Kenworth Research and Development Laboratories for many years. New designs and concepts would be produced at the R & D labs out of clay or HD foams. From these shapes, Sunbacker produced molds and the 1st operational parts. These 1st parts could be tested as to their performance. This latest photo was for the 52” sleeper unit and fairing fenders for the T680, now in production.

Sunbacker Fiberglass